Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

About Us

Who we are

Propels a business entity “propelling upright through its royal bonding; pursues growth along with social harmony; by its power, courage & determination to break through impasses” Established in March 2016, we are a team of professionals who belong to the varied streams that together comprise the field of construction and who are dedicated towards the sole aim of working towards, the perfect execution of every project that comes our way. The perspectives of each department are thoroughly focused and mutually bookended by the requirements and strategies of their compeers and hence will lead to every project being an example of triumph in sustainability, safety, aesthetics, cost effectiveness, accessibility & productivity.

Equipped with the latest technologies that are essential for ascertaining all possible site, user and climatic conditions, our team makes sure that the proposed development is ready for the toughest of challenges even before the construction is initiated. The reason, for us also being traders in the related equipments is to ensure that we never have to rely on any external entity for work progress. We believe in fast and efficient execution of work, in tandem with being techno-commercially sound. Propels is a congregation of leaders who are accustomed to project flow, chronology of work execution and possess the ability to effortlessly transform a virgin piece of land into a centre bustling with activities and business.

Our Serives

Building Construction
Fire Solution

Our Core Value

Intence Customer engagement,affection and understanding,facilitates us to create a mutually profitable partnership

We treat our employees like family,providing them with an inspiring work environment that encourages initiative and recognizes excellence

All our actions are guide by principles of highest standards of moral values and we are commited to ethical practices

Our Passions for excellence is instrumental in driving us to be innovative,solutions-focused,and impactful

Communication is a foundational value, we practice highly accepted standards & process with constant improvement as individuals and as an organization.

Our Mission

We behold in our minds a path paved by us that is not only at par with the ones traversed by the best in the business, but will gradually and surely rise above the rest. While the competition settles at confirming to the industry norms and bars set by their predecessors, we believe in pushing the envelope to the point of redefining it. We very well know that this encompasses tackling hitherto unknown challenges and ideas head on and we are more than raring to achieve the best. Simply put : Impossible is nothing if you use the right questions and pull the solution towards yourself.

Our Vision

At Propels, our vision is the one seen by our clients. We sternly believe in being the most efficient medium through which a project can reach its final form since the time it takes birth in the designers and clients mind. The expression that “God is in the Details”; holds true for us as we strive to pursue perfection to the level that the client; on completion of the project, does not find an iota of difference between the artistic impression of his image and the real world contemporary.