Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

At the soul of a well-executed work, lies the planning that goes behind it. The execution is the next step. Our team of experienced engineers and project managers, facilitate the same with detailed understanding of the work at hand through thorough discussions and analysis of the drawings and details and site conditions at hand, be it for addition to an existing structure or a completely new constructi


MEP services form the life of a modern day structure, with it catering to the inhabitants and users at several different levels and varying configuration and requirements, akin to veins and arteries that supply and take away, new and used blood. We realise this fully, and plan these entities in such a manner, that they least interfere with one another, as they spread throughout the entire endoskeleton of the building.


Taking into consideration, the huge number and varied nature of services that are assimilated into a building envelop, we give high priority to fire solutions for all kinds of structure. We believe that our role in this context starts from, checking of the smooth transition and transit of people from any point in the said structure to the exit points that take them to collective safety. This helps us plan out, the proper locations for all fire safety related factors starting from signages to sprinklers and fire rated doors and partitions.


We understand the core nature of maintenance work being time bound and also the spatial constriction that comes with it. Our workforce of aptly skilled labour makes it sure that the workspace as well as residential space is not affected in any manner of its functioning. For this very purpose, every necessary step is taken to zone out the space where the maintenance work is being carried out and work executed with minimal intrusion in circulation or noise.


Our facet of being a group that executes, civil work gives us an edge over the conventional suppliers of PPEs (Personal Protection Equipments). With firm credence in the fact that the work is only as good as the state of mind and health in which the worker is building it, we give utmost importance to all requisite safety equipments, required in all kinds of conditions. We consider it our responsibility to inform as well as get an idea from the client or contractor about the nature of work to be carried out and provide the most appropriate equipment required for the same.

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Financial Efficiency & Growth:- By Decreasing Expenses and Increase revenue & net profit.
Customer:- Achieve and Maintain outstanding customer service.
Staff:- To continually learn and adopt current best practices.


  • Cooperation with domestic & International business enterprises by fetching our market-share, infrastructure, manpower & other resources to achieve our common goal.


    Enthusiastic & spirited in nature when it comes to the task completion spell.

    Our Core Value

    Intence Customer engagement,affection and understanding,facilitates us to create a mutually profitable partnership

    We treat our employees like family,providing them with an inspiring work environment that encourages initiative and recognizes excellence

    All our actions are guide by principles of highest standards of moral values and we are commited to ethical practices

    Our Passions for excellence is instrumental in driving us to be innovative,solutions-focused,and impactful

    Communication is a foundational value, we practice highly accepted standards & process with constant improvement as individuals and as an organization.

    Who we are

    Large company with awesome people & tools

    Propels a business entity “propelling upright through its royal bonding; pursues growth along with social harmony; by its power, courage & determination to break through impasses”,Established in March 2016, we are a team of professionals who belong to the varied streams that together comprise the field of construction and who are dedicated towards the sole aim of working towards, the perfect execution of every project that comes our way.

    Our Actions Demonstrate Our Value
    Putting Customer First
    Capacity to Anticipate What Our Customer Needs

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