Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

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At the soul of a well-executed work, lies the planning that goes behind it. The execution is the next step. Our team of experienced engineers and project managers, facilitate the same with detailed understanding of the work at hand through thorough discussions and analysis of the drawings and details and site conditions at hand, be it for addition to an existing structure or a completely new construction.

Ground Preparation

Be it the sequential layering of soil for landscape related layout or structural base for a proposed development with the suitably designed foundation system, we execute the same as per the site conditions which covers all steps from excavation to back-filling.

Structural Buildings

With the advent of ever improving structural systems into construction stream, the client and designers, have a wide range of options placed in front of them for selecting the typology of construction method, which would best suit their aesthetical, budgetary and time needs. While some projects are best executed with the conventional methods of construction, the ones that lean towards modernism and minimalism, have steel, precast concrete and tensile structures as their integral elements which maintain the light nature of the design. We as consultants provide the full package of thorough understanding of the structural consultant layouts and details and verifying all safety parameters as well as, loading conditions before moving onto the site execution of the same. We provide services in conventional R.C.C, Load bearing structures (Brick & stone), Steel, Pre-cast, Pre- stressed & tensile constructions.

Landscape Layout

With the landscape layout of every project adding to the ambience as well as micro-climate of the space and facility, not only do we assist and aptly execute landscape design with precision based laying and levelling of hardscapes & softscapes and all intermittently placed elements like water bodies & gazebos; we also assist you in the selection of the most site specific plantation that will best respond to the site climatic conditions with least water consumption & maintenance.

Road Works

Roads form the backbone of any new venture, may it be on, a private industry or National level. We believe in making the travel experience & manoeuvrability on a road as smooth as possible by ensuring the highest quality, with all Codes followed for all requisite layers for concrete road as well as tarmac. This is executed as per the nature of the facility, for which the tarmac is planned and site requirement.

Traffic Signals

Along with ensuring the reduction in road accidents, traffic signals can play a significant part in the reduction of emissions simply by incorporating simple factors into its design; like countdown timers. We assist you in selecting the best type of signal as per your requirement and traffic flow at variable times.

Block work

In the current times of different materials for the preparation of an envelope around the usable spaces, we provide you with the best options for an apt construction material with the possibilities ranging from the standard classic technique of Brick masonry to Siporex blocks and also precast wall blocks as per design & load distribution.

Plastering & Sealant Treatment

With respect to the durability, upkeep, as well as long lasting aesthetical appearance of a structure, the components like plastering and sealants play a pivotal role. With different surfaces of the same structure exposed to different environments and major variations in temperature, humidity & sunlight, the two sides of the same wall rarely face the same challenges. Our belief is that once completed, the best of structures always should exhibit the quality of, minimum maintenance. This helps in sustaining the image of the property as an asset rather than a liability that requires constant upkeep. We approach our skill of Plastering, Protective coating & Sealant filling for all typology of structures with these requirements and possibilities in mind.


The thin film of paints can in actuality define the kind of ambience that a space and structure inhibit and exhibit as well. While the expressions used on multiple walls can infuse life into the zone, a single wall or façade too can become the focus of the user’s eyes. With a plethora of options that today’s design and paintings products eco-system provides, we are only more than willing to add shades to spaces that not just add contrast and colour that the designer has envisioned for the space, but also touch the user at the sub conscious level. Our team of workers who don’t just treat the walls as mere surfaces but also take special care in ensuring that every hand placed and run on the wall meets an evenly smooth surface, ensuring that our client gets the best of both exterior and interior worlds.

Quantity Estimation

As much value, the design of a space has, its valuation is equally important and holds great significance due to the fact that, many a times, it’s the valuation that allows us to decide whether the work can be executed with lesser expenditure or if more resources can be put in. Our expert team of quantity estimators guide you with the perfect mix of specific evaluation and material selection for laying of marbles, tiles for kitchen, bathroom & restroom, polishing and groove cutting and fixing of all kinds of doors and windows as per consultant design.


Our expert surveyor computes practical details of a given project to provide our worthy client an precise quantity & cost in order to execute desired plan.

Skilled Labor

We set in motion all our professionally trained human resources & finest materials needed for the superstruct of the drafted project in a stipulated time frame.


Solid & Intact proceedings with reliable machinery for perfection & efficiency required in the key phase of an project.

Final Commissioning

The uptakes on our accomplished projects are cent percentage prevailing.

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