Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

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Taking into consideration, the huge number and varied nature of services that are assimilated into a building envelop, we give high priority to fire solutions for all kinds of structure. We believe that our role in this context starts from, checking of the smooth transition and transit of people from any point in the said structure to the exit points that take them to collective safety. This helps us plan out, the proper locations for all fire safety related factors starting from signages to sprinklers and fire rated doors and partitions.


Preparing a proper safety layout with stress on, planning the location of signages that lead the users, to the nearest exit point in the least possible time. Planning the sprinkler layout & fire extinguisher locations, as per the local norms or NBC. The proper placement of wet risers & associated hose reels at the access points of exit gateways. Along with the planning for all the above factors, we assist in:

Installation & Testing:

The proper functioning is to be ensured before usage of the facility. Once the procedure of installation is completed, our team of experts brings the safety checklist into play, with each and every facet of the fire fighting mechanism thoroughly tested to ensure safety of the future inhabitants. We also provide training of the associated office personnel, in the proper use of the facilities in times of emergency.

Inspection & Maintenance:

The fire fighting system housed inside a structure and reaching into practically every single zone of the same, has to be consistently kept in check to ensure that its functionality has not been compromised at any level. Sometimes the same is affected due to interior changes in the layouts. Hence while inspection; our duty includes the clinical checking of each of the components of this system and their proper reach as per design. In our approach towards the inspection and maintenance of fire fighting systems, we initiate the process right from the roots, i.e. the fire tank, based on their locations, whether overhead or underground. Checking of the pressure they maintain based on gravity or hydro pneumatic systems and then moving onto the water outlets i.e. the sprinklers and hydrants and all the associated components like fire extinguisher cylinder changes and checking of all speaker systems & signages for evacuation purpose etc.


Ensuring the on time and quality assurance of all fire fighting equipment & assembly requisite to the project.

Our Specialisation in this field can be detailed out as:

  • Automatic Sprinkler, Wet Riser Systems, Dry riser Systems, Fire Pump Systems & Fire Hydrant systems.
  • Heat detection & Smoke alarm system equipped with public address facility.
  • Fire Suppression Systems including : FM200 , CO2, INERGEN Systems, NOVEE 1230.
  • Foam Suppression Systems.
  • Water Spray & Mist Systems.
  • Pre Action & deluge Systems.
  • Fire Extinguisher and fire hose reel systems.
  • Kitchen hood wet Chemical fire Suppression system.
  • Emergency Lighting Systems