Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

Our Services


We understand the core nature of maintenance work being time bound and also the spatial constriction that comes with it. Our workforce of aptly skilled labour makes it sure that the workspace as well as residential space is not affected in any manner of its functioning. For this very purpose, every necessary step is taken to zone out the space where the maintenance work is being carried out and work executed with minimal intrusion in circulation or noise.

Painting & partition :

Be it the addition of partitions or giving new shades to specific areas at home or office or any usable space; we provide painting services of existing walls and partitions, both exterior as well as interior, with the addition of specialisation in setting up Gypsum partitions.


With time, are generated areas which are perpetually in a state of decay & neglect due to some factors in the planning or the arrangement of activities. We undertake the cleaning and refurbishment of all such spaces and not only make them functional and usable again, but also ensure that the treatment is long lasting and durable.


The smooth functioning of all kinds of services in a usable space is of utmost importance for bringing out productivity and ensuring the avoidance of dissatisfaction. Least talked about and configured in later stages, but holding a place of great importance are the plumbing works. We undertake plumbing repair work, with proper planning of work before hand and without affecting the normal office or household usage, within limited timeframe.

Fire fighting:

It is essential that the emergency facilities and fire safety equipments be in fully functional condition at all times to ensure that, at no point is the life of the inhabitants and users in distress. We provide the service for calibration of the fire fighting setup to the safety standards strictly adhering to building codes and also requisite addition in areas, not covered in sprinkler and emergency equipment radius.

Leaking protection :

Much as a user and resident loves the space where they work or reside, even in the most beautifully designed and laid spaces, the slight onslaught of leakage and seepage can be a major eye sore and let down. We provide all kinds of leaking protection and water proofing solutions for projects ranging from Commercial towers to High-end residential villas, thus covering a wide array of finishes that start from waterproofing the standard rough texture finished external facades to ACP cladding facade treatment.


The reconfiguration of work spaces and residential spaces sometimes includes the demolition of existing walls and rearrangement of the facilities, all at the time of the remnant areas being used in full capacity. We ensure that this nature of work is executed with minimal disturbance during demolition and smooth flow of work at the time of refurbishing, with new materials as per consultant design.