Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

Our Services


MEP services form the life of a modern day structure, with it catering to the inhabitants and users at several different levels and varying configuration and requirements, akin to veins and arteries that supply and take away, new and used blood. We realise this fully, and plan these entities in such a manner, that they least interfere with one another, as they spread throughout the entire endoskeleton of the building. We also take into consideration, the limitations that are presented to the designer by the regional bye-laws and make sure, that we mould the relevant services within this framework; at the same time not cutting out on the functioning capacity.


For the factor that acts as the respiratory system of the entire building and keeps the usable spaces clean , cooled and ventilated for the entire day, we offer the below mentioned assistance in design and laying out within the available floor heights of the design; taking special care of the duct widths and their insulation factors. As per the brief we initial carry out a detailed study about the following factors:
  • Occupancy
  • Construction Material
  • Lighting
  • Proper study of Indoor air temperature & humidity as per Climate data & structure design.
  • Equipments
  • Ventilation requirements for indoor air quality & filtration systems.
  • Locating the positions of the chillers.
  • Following which we plan and provide:
  • Air conditioning systems
  • AHUs
  • Centrifugal pumps for chilled water circulation
  • Air distribution Systems
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Insulation
  • Toilet Ventilation
  • Kitchen Ventilation
  • Ventilation for Utility areas
  • Standard Ventilation Systems
  • Pressurization System for Fire Egress Routes.
  • Smoke Mode Ventilation


For the factor that powers up the habitat and the business, we offer detailed planning and laying out of the below mentioned elements in complete conjunction with the designers aesthetics, space quality , lighting intake, lux levels & comfort requirement.
  • Calculation of Lighting luminance and lighting Power Densities
  • Power consideration for different spaces
  • Equipment loads
  • Electrical load estimates
  • HT Power Distribution
  • LV Power Distribution
  • All selections for, Light Fittings, Lighting Controls, Distribution Boards, Wiring, Power supply Arrangement, Switches & Sockets as per Architects/Interior designer’s approval.
  • Emergency Electrical systems
  • Earth Bonding & Lighting Protection like Air termination Network, down Conductors, Earth Termination network, Earth electrode System, Harmonics.
  • Extra Low Voltage Systems like Security, Access control, Public address, Voice Alarms, Speakers.
  • All requisite IBMS provisions as per requirement.


For the factor that is like the life force that flows through the entire fabric of the planned facilities, providing consumable water and collecting and ejecting out the used elements; we provide the following services.
  • Designing as per industry standards
  • Water Demand Calculations
  • All requisite Plumbing systems
  • Domestic Water Distribution
  • Sanitary fixtures selection & fitting
  • Drainage – Soil & Waste
  • Storm Water Systems
  • Irrigation
  • Material & detail specifications for all the above mentioned entities.