Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL
Welcome to Propels Trading & Contracting Co.WLL

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Our facet of being a group that executes, civil work gives us an edge over the conventional suppliers of PPEs (Personal Protection Equipments). With firm credence in the fact that the work is only as good as the state of mind and health in which the worker is building it, we give utmost importance to all requisite safety equipments, required in all kinds of conditions. We consider it our responsibility to inform as well as get an idea from the client or contractor about the nature of work to be carried out and provide the most appropriate equipment required for the same.

The industry standards have dictated we diligently take the initiative to understand:

  • The nature of the elements that we have to save exposure from and the people for whom we have to provide a buffer.
  • The amount of time for which the exposure happens.
  • The extent to which the exposure happens.
  • We also ensure that the equipments provided by us, fulfil the following benchmarks:
  • Providing only CE marked products, as per Personal Protective Equipments Regulations 2002.
  • Providing equipments of appropriate size, fit & weight that is thoroughly comfortable and wearable for the user.
  • In case of usage of multiple PPE’s at the same time, ensuring they fit properly together and do not disturb each other’s function.
  • Instructing and if required, training the PPE user about the purpose, time duration & limitations of the equipment.
  • Some Equipment We Provide:
  • Eyes:Safety spectacles ǀ Visors ǀ Face shields ǀ Face screens ǀ Goggles
  • Head & neck : Industrial safety helmets ǀ Bump caps ǀ Hairnets ǀ Fire fighter helmets
  • Ears : Earplugs ǀ Earmuffs ǀ Semi-insert/Canal caps
  • Hands & Arms: Gloves with a cuff ǀ Gauntlets ǀ Sleeving that covers part or all of the arm.
  • Feet & Legs : Foundry boots ǀ Chainsaw Boots etc;
  • Lungs : Filtering Face pieces ǀ Respirators ǀ Power-assisted Respirators ǀ Fresh-air hose ǀ Compressed Airline ǀ Self-contained breathing Apparatus
  • Whole Body : Conventional ǀ Disposable overalls ǀ Boiler Suits ǀ Aprons ǀ Chemical Suits

Trading in Fire Solution

Our knowledge in the field of fire safety only makes us an even more trustworthy means for the sourcing of Fire safety solutions. We are open to our patrons asking us for advice in the context of proper planning of the layouts and minimum requirements essential, for ensuring the safety of the users in the respective spaces, which are to be made fire secure. Making all needed deliveries on time, and acting as a one stop solution for the sourcing of all fire equipments; we ensure that our clients do not have to look in multiple places to acquire the necessary equipments.
  • Automatic Sprinklers
  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • FM200
  • NOVEE 1230
  • CO2
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Emergency Lights.